These courses will be held inside and outside of the country with the cooperation of international scientific – research and also academic center.

The Practice of International Law
Public International Law from a Practical Perspective - Advocating a Theory of Reality
International Law and Technology
The Return of Displaced Cultural Objects to Their Countries of Origin
The Protection of the Rights of Individuals in African International Law
Reparation in International Adjudication
The International Climate Change Regime
The Immunities of States and International Organizations in Domestic Legal Systems
The Immunities of States and International Organizations in Domestic Legal Systems
Private International Law and International Commercial Arbitration
The Legal Framework of International Commercial Relations
Enterprise and the Conflict of Laws
The Foundation of the Effect of Foreign Judgments
Soft Law in International Commercial Arbitration
Party Autonomy in International Family Law
Developing Countries and the International Intellectual Property System
The Tripartite Method of Contemporary
Private International Law
Extraterritorial Enforcement of Regulatory Laws
How the Law Operates in the International Legal Order: Doing Something and Having Something Done
Establishing Norms in a Kaleidoscopic World
“Acts of the State” in the Law of Responsibility: A Reassessment
Compensation for Environmental Damage and Depletion of Natural Resources: The Practice of the United Nations Compensation Commission
Treaties and their Practice
The System of Reparations in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
The International Protection of Vulnerable Persons under International Human Rights Law
Economic Sanctions Decided and Implemented Outside the United Nations
The Law Governing International Commercial Contracts: Soft Law v. Hard Law
Frontiers and Distributions: Discourse on the Methods of Private International Law
The Private-Public Law Divide in International Dispute Resolution
The Private International Law of Class Actions
The Proper Allocation of Power Between Arbitral Tribunals and Courts
The Property Regime of Marriages and Registered Partnerships in Private International Law
The Identity and Continuity of Personal Status in Contemporary Private International Law
The Current Practice of International Cooperation in Civil Matters
The Use of Empirical Methods in Private International Law
Experiences from Practice, Including Non-Prosecution Agreements
Transnational Criminalization of Financing Activities
The International Legal Framework Governing Cybercrime
Corporate Complicity and Legal Accountability
The Interplay between Refugee Law, Migration Law and International Criminal Justice
Migrant Smuggling
Human Trafficking as a Crime against Humanity
Trafficking in Human Beings: From International Cooperation in Criminal Matters to International Criminal Courts
Experiences of the European Court of Human Rights
Access to international protection
International Law - Between Letter and Spirit
International Case Law in the Development of International Law
The Legal Regime of International Space Activities: Between Public and Private Law
Foreign Civil and Commercial Judge-ments: From Reciprocity to a Multilateral Scheme?
Limits on the Use of Force
Legal Dimensions of Arms Control Agreements
The Relationship between the United Nations and the World Bank (IBRD)
Is the Method of Recognition the Future of Private International Law?
Arbitration and Private International Law
The International Adoption of Minors and Rights of the Child
The International Law of Global Governance
The Protection of Individuals in the Event of Catastrophes
The Legal Status of Public and Private Standards in International Economic
Methods of Private International Law Put to the Test of Labour Law
The United Nations and International Law-Making
The African Union and International Law
Effects on Individuals of Protection Systems under International Law
Competence-Competence in the Face of Illegality in Contracts and Arbitration Agreements
Developments in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Universality of Human Rights
"General Course
(Private International Law as a Component of the Law of the Forum)"
Democracy and Justice in Post-conflict Societies: The International Law Framework
Protection of the Weaker Party in Private International Law (Consumers, Small Business and Non
Settlement System of the WTO and Investment State Arbitration under the ICSID Convention and Investment Treaties
The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties – 40 Years After
Failed States. Construction and Reconstruction of States in International Law
General Course (Globalization and Private International Law: Adapting Settled Theory to New Challenges)
Joint Ventures or Associations of Companies in International Commerce