These courses will be held inside and outside of the country with the cooperation of international scientific – research and also academic center

On-LineClassroom DaysChemical EngineeringCode
Yes2Practical Fundamentals of Chemical EngineeringCE
Yes2Handling Chemicals and Chemical Processes - Tips, Tricks and ToolsCH

On-LineClassroom DaysCivil EngineeringCode
Yes2Designing, Specifying and Constructing with Modern ConcreteCT
Yes2Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution PreventionHW
Yes2Structural Design for non-structural EngineersSD
Yes2Best Practice in Sewage and Effluent Treatment TechnologiesSE
Yes2Transportation Planning and ManagementTN

On-LineClassroom DaysData Communications & NetworkingCode
Yes2Setting Up and Troubleshooting of Industrial Ethernet & Automation NetworksAN
AV2Advanced TCP/IP Networking for Engineers and TechniciansAV
Yes2Best Practice in Industrial Data CommunicationsBP
Yes2Cybersecurity for Automation, Control, and SCADA Systems (Using the ANSI/ISA-62443 Standards)CW
Yes2CCTV - Troubleshooting, Designing and Installing Digital & Analog Closed Circuit TV SystemsCU
Yes2CCTV - Troubleshooting, Designing and Installing Digital & Analog Closed Circuit TV SystemsCU
Yes2Practical Data Communications & Networking for Engineers and TechniciansDC
Yes2Practical DNP3, 60870.5 & Modern SCADA Communication SystemsDN
Yes2Hands-on Data Communications, Networking and TCP/IP Troubleshooting DT
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting & Problem Solving of Ethernet NetworksET
Yes2Practical Fieldbus, DeviceNet and Ethernet for IndustryFE
Practical Use and Understanding of Foundation FieldBusFF
Yes2Practical Fibre Optics for Engineers and TechniciansFO
Yes2Practical Fibre Optics and Interfacing with Industrial Ethernet & Wireless FX
Yes2Data Communications, Networking and Protocols for Industry - Back to BasicsIC
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting & Problem Solving of Industrial Data CommunicationsID
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting, Design & Selection of Industrial Fibre Optic SystemsIF
Yes2Practical Industrial Networking for Engineers & TechniciansIN
Yes2Troubleshooting Industrial Ethernet & TCP/IP NetworksIT
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting and Problem Solving of Modbus ProtocolsMB
Yes2Practical Essentials for NT4.XNE
Yes2Practical Radio Telemetry Systems for industryRM
Yes2Practical Routers & Switches (including TCP/IP and Ethernet) RS
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting & Problem Solving of Ethernet TCP/IP & Modbus ProtocolsTB
Yes2Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking for IndustryTC
Yes2Practical Fundamentals of Telecommunications and Wireless CommunicationsTE
Yes3Practical TCP/IP Troubleshooting & Problem Solving for IndustryTP
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting of TCP/IP NetworksTT
Yes2Practical Fundamentals of Voice over IP (VoIP) for Engineers and TechniciansVO
Yes1Practical Industrial Wireless for Engineers and TechniciansWC
2Practical Wireless, Ethernet and TCP/IP NetworkingWE

On-LineClassroom DaysElectronicsCode
Yes2Practical Digital Signal Processing for Engineers and TechniciansDS
Yes2Practical Embedded Controllers: Troubleshooting and DesignEB
Yes2Practical Troubleshooting of Electronic Circuits for Engineers and TechniciansEI
Yes2Practical EMC and EMI Control for Engineers and TechniciansEM
Yes2Practical Earthing, Shielding, Electrical & Electronic Noise and Surge ReductionEX
Yes2Practical Industrial Electronics for Engineers and TechniciansIE
Yes2Power Electronics and Switch Mode Power SupplyPE
Yes2Shielding, EMC/EMI, Noise Reduction, Earthing and Circuit Board LayoutSG

On-LineClassroom DaysElectrical

yes2Practical Arc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety ProfessionalsAF
yes2South African Standard SANS 10142- The Wiring of PremisesAS
yes2Australia & New Zealand - Practical Electrical Wiring Standards - AS 3000:2007AW
yes2Practical Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Battery Power SuppliesBT
yes2Standby Power and Energy EfficiencyBY
yes2Practical Electrical Network Automation & Communication SystemsCA
yes2Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and SwitchgearCB
yes2Practical HV Cable Jointing and Terminations for Engineers and TechniciansCJ
yes1Critical Power Supply Options and Planning of High Availability SuppliesCV
yes2Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Power Generating PlantsDG
yes2Emergency Power Supplies Electrical Distribution Design, Installation and Commissioning EA
yes2Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Protection of AC Electrical Motors and DrivesED
yes2Practical Energy Efficiency, Design, Engineering and AuditingEE
yes2Practical Electrical Safety Techniques for IndustryEF
yes2Inspection, Testing & Commissioning of Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Protective Relays, Cables & PLC’s EK
yes2Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control CircuitsEL
yes2Power System Fundamentals for Non-Electrical EngineersEN
yes2Fundamentals of Operation and Troubleshooting of Emergency/Standby Power Generation using Diesel Generators EO
yes1Diesel Power Generation Plants with Multiple Machines in Parallel and on the Power GridEQ
yes2Fundamentals of Operation and Troubleshooting of Emergency/Standby Power Generation using Diesel Generators EO
yes2Diesel Power Generation Plants with Multiple Machines in Parallel and on the Power GridEQ
yes2Earthing, Shielding & Surge Protection of Electrical Equipment for Instrumentation & ControlER
yes2Practical Distribution & Substation Automation (incl. Comms) for Electrical Power SystemsEU
yes2Practical Electrical Substation SafetyEV
yes2Electrical Substation and Switchyard DesignEW
yes2Electrical Substation and Switchyard DesignEY
yes2Fundamentals of Power Distribution & Power Systems: Hands-on Analysis and DesignFP
yes1Earthing/Grounding of Utility and Industrial Distribution SystemsGU
yes2High Voltage Electrical Compliance & Safety Operating ProceduresHE
yes2High Voltage Design and Installations Master ClassHI
yes2Practical HV and LV Switching Operations and Safety RulesHL
yes2High Voltage Safety Operating Procedures for Engineers and TechniciansHV
yes2Electrical Wiring Standards -National Rules for Electrical Installations –
ET 101:2008
yes2Lightning, Surge Protection & Earthing of Electrical & Electronic Systems in Industrial NetworksLZ
yes4 - 5Master Series: Electrical EngineeringMEE
yes2Fundamentals of Smart MeteringMF
yes2Practical Electrical Metering, Measurement and Instrument TransformersMI
yes2Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument Engineering for non-EngineersML
yes2Practical Motor Protection, Control and Maintenance TechnologiesMP
yes5Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) Engineering for Oil & Gas FacilitiesOG
yes2Earthing and Power CablesOW
yes2Practical Power DistributionPD
yes2Practical Power System Harmonics, Earthing and Power Quality – Problems and SolutionsPH
yes2Power Cables: Operation, Maintenance, Location and Fault DetectionPO
yes2Practical Power Quality: Problems & SolutionsPQ
yes2Practical Power System Protection for Engineers and TechniciansPS
yes2Practical Electrical Maintenance for Instrumentation and Electrical PersonnelRC
yes2Wind & Solar Power - Renewable Energy TechnologiesRE
yes2Installing, Programming and Commissioning of Power System Protection Relays and HardwareRH
yes2Switchgear and Distribution SystemsSW
yes2Practical Power Transformers: Operation, Maintenance & TestingTF
yes1Installation, Testing and Troubleshooting of TransformersTG
yes2Practical Medium & High Voltage Testing of Electrical EquipmentTH
yes2Understanding Electrical Engineering and Safety for non-ElectriciansUE
yes3Fundamentals and Practical Mitigation of Power Systems HarmonicsUM
yes2Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems & BatteriesUP
yes2Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution SystemsUS
yes2Med. Voltage AC Motors for Power Industry - Principles, Installation, Maintenance & TroubleshootingVM
yes2Practical Variable Speed Drives for Instrumentation and Control SystemsVS
yes2British Standards for Electrical Wiring - IEE BS 7671-2008 EditionWR

On-LineClassroom DaysInstrumentation, Automation & Process Control

yes2Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and SCADA SystemsAD
yes2Practical Analytical Instrumentation in On-Line ApplicationsAI
yes2Practical Alarm Systems Management for Engineers and TechniciansAM
yes2Advanced Process Control for Engineers and TechniciansAP
yes1Practical Alarm Management for Engineers and TechniciansAT
yes2Practical Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC's) for Automation & Process ControlAU
yes2Practical Boiler Control and Instrumentation for Engineers and TechniciansBI
yes2Fundamentals of Practical Building Automation SystemsBS
yes2Installation, Calibration and Maintenance of Electronic InstrumentsCD
yes2Practical Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for Engineers & TechniciansDD
yes2Integrated Programming, Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Optimisation of Drill Monitor SystemsDM
yes2Practical Data Acquisition using Personal Computers and Standalone SystemsDQ
yes2Best Practice in Process, Electrical & Instrumentation Drawings and DocumentationDR
yes2Practical Troubleshooting of Data Acquisition & SCADA SystemsDX
yes2Selection, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fiscal Flow & Metering EquipmentFA
yes1Design of Industrial Automation Functional Specifications for PLC’s, DCS’s and SCADA SystemsFC
yes2Practical Industrial Flow Measurement for Engineers and TechniciansFL
yes3Practical Flow EssentialsFT
yes1Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas – Refresher Training - within EuropeHA
yes1Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas – Refresher Training - outside EuropeHB
yes2Practical Hazops, Trips and AlarmsHO
yes2Practical Hazops for Engineers and TechniciansHT
yes1Practical Hazardous Areas and ATEX Awareness for Technical and non-Technical StaffHX
yes2Practical Hazardous Areas for Engineers and TechniciansHZ
yes2Fundamentals of Industrial AutomationIB
yes3Practical Instrumentation for Automation and Process ControlIP
yes2Practical Intrinsic Safety for Engineers and TechniciansIS
yes2Drives, Motors and PLC’sLC
yes2-3Practical Tuning of Industrial Control LoopsLT
yes2Practical Motion Control for Engineers and TechniciansMC
yes4-5Master Series – Instrumentation & ControlMIC
yes2Practical Machine Vision Applications in IndustryMV
yes2Practical Mechatronics for Engineers and TechniciansMZ
yes2Measurement and Control for Non-Instrument PersonnelNI
yes2to 5Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) Engineering for Oil & Gas FacilitiesOG
yes3Instrumentation Engineering for Oil & Gas FacilitiesOI
yes2Practical Fundamentals of OPCOP
yes2Practical Process Control for Engineers and TechniciansPC
yes3Practical Process Control & Tuning of Industrial Control LoopsPL
yes2Practical Fundamentals of OPCOP
yes2Practical Process Control for Engineers and TechniciansPC
yes2Practical Process Control & Tuning of Industrial Control LoopsPL
yes2Practical Industrial Programming using 61131-3 for PLC'sPR
yes2RFID Tagging – Features and ApplicationsRF
yes2Practical SCADA & Telemetry Systems for IndustrySC
yes2Practical Safety Instrumentation and Shut-down Systems for Industry using
IEC 61508
yes2Practical Troubleshooting & Problem Solving of PLC’s and SCADA SystemsSK
yes2Fundamentals of Instrumentation, Process Control, PLC’s & SCADA for Plant OperatorsSQ
yes2Practical Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries (61508 & 61511)SS
yes2 Practical SCADA Systems for IndustrySX
yes2Practical IEC61850 for Substation AutomationSZ
yes2Practical Troubleshooting of Instrumentation, Electrical and Process ControlTI
yes2Practical Control Valve Sizing, Selection and MaintenanceVL

On-LineClassroom DaysInformation TechnologyCode
Yes2Cybersecurity for Automation, Control, and SCADA Systems (Using the ANSI/ISA-62443 Standards)CW
Yes2Data Visualisation, Graphs and Dashboards for Engineers and TechniciansDV
Yes3Engineering and Industrial Mobile Application (App) DevelopmentMA
Yes2Industrial Network Security for SCADA, Automation, Process Control and PLC SystemsNS
Yes2SNMP Network Management: The EssentialsSN
Yes2Practical Fundamentals of E-Manufacturing, MES and Supply Chain ManagementSO

On-LineClassroom DaysMechanical EngineeringCode
Yes2Practical Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC)AC
Yes2Practical Boiler Control and Instrumentation for Engineers and Technicians BI
Yes2Practical Boiler Plant Operation and Management for Engineers and TechniciansBL
Yes2Troubleshooting and Best Practice with Conveyers and ChutesCC
Yes2Practical Pumps and Compressors: Control, Operation, Maintenance & TroubleshootingCM
Yes2Practical Process CompressorsCO
Yes2Practical Clean room Technology and Facilities for Engineers and TechniciansCR
Yes1Practical Conveyor, Chute and Feeder DesignCX
Yes2Gas Turbines: Fundamentals, Maintenance & TroubleshootingGT
Yes2Practical Hydraulic Systems: Operation and TroubleshootingHD
Yes2Rigid and Flexible Hose ConnectionsHS
Yes2Practical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems: Operation and TroubleshootingHY
Yes2Practical Lubrication Engineering for Engineers and TechniciansLB
Yes2Practical Safe Lifting Practice and MaintenanceLF
Yes2Practical Mechanical Drives (Belts, Chains and Gears) MD
Yes2Fundamentals of Mechanical EngineeringME
Yes2Practical Balancing, Aligning and Condition Monitoring of Rotating EquipmentMM
Yes2Mechanical Design Concepts for Non-Mechanical EngineersMW
Yes2Practical Corrosion, Metallurgy and Prevention of FailuresMY
Yes2Onshore and Offshore Pipeline SystemsOO
Yes2Pipeline Systems – Design, Construction, Maintenance and Asset ManagementPA
Yes2Practical Pneumatics: Operation and TroubleshootingPN
Yes2Pumps: Design, Operation, Maintenance for Centrifugal and/or Positive Displacement PumpsPP
Yes2Fundamentals of Process Plant Layout and Piping DesignPT
Yes2Performance Monitoring of Pumps and CompressorsPU
Yes2Root Cause Failure AnalysisRA
Yes2Fundamentals of Pipe Stress Analysis with introduction to CAESAR IISA
Yes2Practical Machinery and Automation Safety for IndustrySF
Yes2Practical Shutdown & Turnaround Management for Engineers and ManagersSH
Yes2Practical Mechanical Seals & Sealing with Rotary, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seal Types plus GasketsSR
Yes2Safety Relief Valves - Inspection, Operation and TroubleshootingSV
Yes2Reliability Centered MaintenanceTY
Yes2Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive MaintenanceVB

Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems)MEE
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)MIA
MME Master of Engineering (Mechanical)MME
MSR Master of Engineering (Safety, Risk and Reliability)MSR