Mahaam works closely with a range of international training providers to give you access to high quality industry training. This group has access to a range of training and development opportunities, so it is worth looking on the cost of training as an investment to help avoid financial loss, rather than an expense to be contained. Proper structured training will help ensure that, when a new or unexpected problem comes along, you and your staff are ready to deal with it. Principle objectives of Mahaam is to raise and maintain professional standards in the industry. Mahaam provides training and development support and guidance in many ways, both for individuals and organizations.

Teachers are trained in modern instructional and teaching methods, so that they will be able in future to communicate their knowledge and experience in up-to-date terms.

The programs offer professionals the opportunity to gain work experience around the world. They also give them the chance to broaden their professional prospects and personal horizons.

Our programs are aimed at a range of different individuals and disciplines, and take place in various regions. Some of these programs and courses take place in Iran by inviting the foreign professors and instructors and some of them occurs by the presence of the Iranian teams and specialists in countries all around the world.

In this regard, it is our honor to invite the research and academic centers to hold their courses for Iranian specialists in Iran and the neighboring countries. So it is requested from the ready centers to let us know their courses.