Healthcare Tourism is travel for the purpose of receiving medical or wellness services, which consists of two categories:

  • Health Tourism: travelling to receive medical treatments in specialized centers jointly with tourism programs.
  • Wellness Tourism: healthy people travelling to other places to maintain their physical and psychological, spiritual activities through receiving certain services in specialized centers.

The medical facility will focus on its essential work, while the other party, Mahaam, deals with the additional work. The patients will focus on the medical treatment and services, while another party, Mahaam, handles the other needs such as transportation, accommodation and related programs, which in return promote the patients’ desire to receive additional tourism services. This group provides the tourists or their companions with the opportunity to visit the tourist attractions in the region and enjoy the interesting tourism trips during the treatment journey.

Some advantages of Mahaam Healthcare Tourism

Quality and Quantity: Mahaam has selected various medical and health centers such as super specialized hospitals and clinics with international high quality certificates, adopting international and local standards.

By the competitive prices and accessing new markets: Mahaam programs provide medical and health services at lower prices, since a number of medical, health and tourism services are provided with package rates including flat rate and discount in addition to the beneficiary’s ability to choose the services at affordable prices from multiple choices in different areas.

Mahaam’s Role:

Mahaam plays important roles in the field of health and wellness tourism which includes:

  • Planning, developing and promoting the health and wellness tourism programs.
  • Working with the health and medical centers to arrange attractive tourism services and programs.
  • Studying the target market needs.
  • Working with medical centers to develop and improve the provided programs.
  • Increasing the number of trips and programs related to health and wellness tourism.
  • Improving tourists’ satisfaction and comfort during their trip through predetermined tourism programs and services.
  • Reaching markets that are unreachable by the medical centers.
  • Providing all the required services in a single package, which is marketable and has greater attraction than the individual services when offered separately.