Mahaam is an Iranian leading independent provider of B2B strategic market research for industry, trade and business services.

Having provided unique research and development solutions to carefully selected Iranian businesses with social responsibilities, Mahaam managed to gain a nation-wide reputation as an unmatched group of experts with elite business owners and professionals.

Mahaam helps upgrade the knowledge level of Iran existing science and technology, this group also conducted a proven track numbers of turnkey tours to top international science and technology destinations for elite Iranian group of academic researchers, professional service providers and innovators such as travelers.

Our Strategic attitude:

Our clients trustfully let us know their strategic planning.

Mahaam National Market Research Team that is close to its International Relations Unit provides clients with tailor-made solutions to support the market needs of every type and size of organizations nationwide.

Unbroken market assessment and monitoring provide in-depth calculated analysis of market competitive features and current trends.

Internationally cross-comparable data provision allows our national organizations to precisely evaluate their current marketplace and properly build and refine their future stand.