Outgoing Development Demand – Incoming Technology Supply Chain

  • Mahaam is a lost ring of IRAN outgoing demand – incoming supply chain of Technological research and science development. With offices all around the world(Spain, France, Italy, Austria, …) , Mahaam is a loyal advocate for diversity and a strong supporter of the local and international communities.
  • Mahaam helps state organizations, institutes and businesses elevate their core competencies and values through identifying, assessing and associating with top-notch international centers of technological research and development.
  • Mahaam comprises a professional group of highly specialized consultants and collaborators,
    each successfully managing their own particular domain of businesses. Our multi-talented team is always learning and investing time and growing new abilities to serve both the clients and the event industry better. We would love to help you overcome your event management challenges, mainly affiliated to the body of Tehran Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade.